This activity is about emotions and savouring them in the past and the present. It is a fantastic activity to do either on your own or with someone else (perhaps a favourite grown-up).

The activity will guide you to create a sensory atmosphere based on a memory that made you feel joyful. Using items from around our homes, you can explore how to find fun and inventive ways to recreate smells, textures, sounds and maybe even tastes – discovering ways to be transported back to a meaningful time in your life.

  1. Think of a favourite memory in detail. What about it made you feel joyful? 
  2. Look around the house (and garden if you like) for things that remind you of this memory.
  3. You can find textures, smells, tastes or sounds. Your memory might be of a trip to the park – so you could find a comfy picnic blanket that you sat on, sweet strawberries like the ones you ate and a ball that you played with.
  4. You can also find a sound or piece of music that reminds you of that time. It could be a live sound you have in the house such as a bell on your pet’s collar or it could be found digitally on Youtube, Spotify or somewhere else. For the park, you might find the sound of birds singing. 
  5. Now, find a cosy spot and bring all your items together to experience, thinking about that joyful experience and savouring those positive emotions.

You can ask a grown up to take a picture of you remembering or draw a picture of it to remind you of this happy memory.

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We’d love to hear your feedback on these activities so we can plan plenty more for the future! You can use this form or share with us on social media – we love pictures and stories!