This activity is about accepting who you are and everything wonderful you can offer the world. By creating a beautifully unique self-portrait, you can see just how special and individual you are!

You will need:
  • A mirror you can paint on 
  • Poster paint (or acrylic, oil pastels or even crayons)
  • A paintbrush (you can also use cotton buds, an old toothbrush or just your fingers!)
  • A jar of water 
  • An old cloth
  1. Choose a colour or colours to represent you as a person. For example, you might choose yellow to show you are a friendly person or green to show that you love being outside.
  2. Look into the mirror and paint around the shape of yourself and your features in the mirror.
  3. Take as much or as little time as you want. Use the cloth to make any changes or adjustments.
  4. As an extra: you could also write words or symbols around your self-portrait to describe yourself and who you are. For instance – you could write the words thoughtful, curious and warm. Or you could paint a thought bubble, a magnifying glass and a picture of the sun to represent those ideas. 
  5. Now, admire your painting – who you are is a piece of art!

You can keep your paintbrush to remind you how unique you are!

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