This activity is about relating to other people and working together.  Robin loves making a hideaway with her friends and relaxing and reflecting in it all together afterwards.

  1. With a friend or family member, find the perfect spot to build your den. It could be big, small, long or tall; in a bedroom, in a living room, under a dining room table, or anywhere else! It’s all up to you.
  2. Gather the materials you’ll need. You could use blankets, cushions, a clothes airer, fairy lights and pegs to hold it all together. You could also add interesting textures to your hideaway, such as silky or sparkly fabrics/clothes.
  3. Work together to build your hideaway. Once it’s built, fill the inside with things that you love – for instance toys, books or games!
  4. Enjoy your hideaway together!

You can keep a peg to remind you how much fun it is to work together.

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