This activity is about positivity and setting goals for yourself. Willow can sometimes feel aimless and her wishing wand helps give her direction and a goal to look forward to. 

Your wishing wand can act as a reminder of a goal you would like to accomplish and helps you focus when you need some motivation.

You will need:
  • A stick (washed so it is nice and clean)
  • Colourful string, ribbon, yarn or strips of fabric.
  1. Use your string, ribbon or other items to decorate your stick by wrapping them around and tying in a knot or bow. 
  2. Hold your stick and concentrate on a goal you want to achieve. For instance, you might like to be able to write your name neatly.
  3. Wave your wand whenever you want to focus on your goal. You can change your goal whenever you feel you need to.

Your wand can remind you whenever you need to focus.

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