Welcome to Teddy’s Magical Toolbox!

This is our brand new arts, crafts and wellbeing series for children and their families! 

Paints and pencils, music and magic, stories and sparkles – these are just a few of the tools you’ll need to play, create, imagine and dance your way into our all-new series.

Teddy’s Magical Toolbox Series is aimed at 4 to 8-year-olds and is made up of eight interactive, online activities – from bubble making and den building through to magical games and creative crafts. These sensory activities are focused on feeling good, connecting with others and of course, having fun!

This new series was inspired by our popular Finding Robin’s Rainbow project, the digital adventure we created last year featuring best friends Willow and Robin and their pal Teddy on their search for Robin’s lost feelings. If you haven’t joined in yet, find out more here!

In the Teddy’s Magical Toolbox Series, Willow and Robin continue their adventures – and we are inviting children and their grown-ups to join in the fun from the comfort of their own homes and gardens.

Here is the line-up:

Teddy’s No-Trouble Bubbles – this activity is all about being aware. All you need to get started is a bottle of bubbles or some washing up liquid to create your own.

Magnificent Mirror Me – this is about accepting who you are and everything wonderful you can offer the world. You will need a mirror you can paint on, washable poster paint, a paintbrush, jar of water and an old cloth

Robin’s Happy Hideaway – this den-building activity is about relating to other people and working together. Gather anything and everything together you want to create your den with.

Willow’s Wishing Wand – an activity focused on positivity and setting goals. You will need a stick, colourful string, ribbon, yarn or strips of fabric.

Magical Mindful Memories – an activity focused on recalling and savouring a cherished memory. All you will need to do is think of a favourite memory and look around the house for things that remind you of this.

Bear’s Brilliant BinocularsThis activity is about resilience and emotions. Grab two cardboard toilet roll tubes, coloured cellophane, tape and scissors for some crafting and see the world in a different way!

Grandpa Tom’s Jar of Joy – this activity is about mindfulness and connecting with the people we spend our time with. All you will need is an old jam jar, pencils or crayons and small pieces of paper or sticky notes.

‘Dance it out’ Disco – this is about connecting with yourself and relating to others. All you will need is to choose your favourite song and find something to play this piece of music on.

We’re passionate about equipping young children with the tools they need to flourish in life. We believe in the power and magic of the imagination and are so proud to be positively changing children’s lives. Please get involved and spread the word. 

Teddy’s Magical Toolbox Series has been funded by Arts Council England and Northamptonshire Community Foundation and is designed to help children with their self-care and mental wellbeing.

Like Finding Robin’s Rainbow, it aims to help children connect with themselves and their environment using the mediums of storytelling, mindfulness, drama and craft activities so that children of all abilities can participate fully.

To complement Teddy’s Magical Toolbox Series our Finding Robin’s Rainbow interactive storybook adventure is now on sale here.